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1. Owners Authorization to Submit Property Information to CVR MLS.

The owner is aware that the Broker, as a member of the CVRMLS, may file the Property and all pertinent information regarding it with CVR MLS for the term of this Agreement. The Owner understands that the primary objective of the CVR MLS is to distribute current information about property listings to all of its members. It is understood and agreed that the Broker will submit pertinent information concerning the Property to CVR MLS. Such information, together with any other information provided to or obtained by the Broker with respect to the Property, may be disclosed to prospective purchasers and other brokers and may be included in all listings and other materials distributed by CVR MLS either before or after the term of this listing or the sale of the Property. It is further understood that the Broker will furnish to CVR MLS notice of all changes of information concerning the Property as agreed by the Owner, and that upon completion of a fully executed sales agreement on the Property, the Broker will notify CVR MLS of said sale.

2. Compensation of Cooperating Brokers.

Broker is authorized to make an offer of cooperation and compensation to other Brokers, including all participants of CVR MLS. Broker is authorized to show the Property and to make access available to cooperating brokers whether they are acting as buyer representatives or in other capacities. Owner authorizes the Broker to cooperate with and compensate Cooperating Brokers as entered in the main listing agreement body.

3. Use of Listing Content; Intellectual Property Assignment.

Owner acknowledges and agrees that all photographs, images, graphics, video recordings, virtual tours, drawings, written descriptions, remarks, narratives, pricing information, and other copyrightable elements relating to the Property provided by Owner to Broker or Brokerís Agent, or otherwise obtained or produced by Broker or Brokerís agent in connection with this Agreement, and any changes to such information (the ďListing ContentĒ), may be filed with one or more Multiple Listing Services, included in compilations of Listings, and otherwise distributed, publicly displayed and reproduced. Owner hereby irrevocably assigns and transfers to Broker any and all copyright rights and other intellectual property rights, and all actions and causes of action related to the foregoing, and all Listing Content. Owner represents and warrants to Broker that the Listing Content and this assignment of rights to Broker does not violate or infringe upon the rights, including any copyright rights, of any person or entity. Owner shall indemnify Broker against all damages, costs, and liabilities.

4. Lockbox Authorization

The Owner does not request the installation and use of a SUPRA lockbox on said property unless ordered during the payment process. The Owner is aware and understands that a lockbox is a means by which persons who have authorized access to said lockbox keys may gain entrance. The Owner hereby jointly and severally releases and forever discharges the Broker and all other persons who authorized access to said lockbox keys from all liability, obligations, causes of action, claims and demands whatsoever which the Owner may have by virtue of the installation and use of such lockbox. Owner agrees to notify tenant, if any, in writing of the intended use of the lockbox.

5. Owners Authorization Regarding the Internet and Other Media.

CVR MLS brokers may publish Listings of competing brokers on their web sites. Owner authorizes Brokerís website may also allow third-parties to (I )write comments or reviews about the Property or display a hyperlink to comments or reviews in immediate conjunction with particular Listings, or (ii) display an automated estimate of the market value of the Property (or hyperlink to such estimate) or other Listings in immediate conjunction with the Property. If Owner does not want the Property Listing or address displayed on the Internet, Owner must submit an email to Broker opting out of internet.



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