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This Agreement is for properties located in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

A. This Agreement is made on (Listing Date) Please input a date:     , by, and between

B. (Enter Names of Sellers)and Home Discovery Realtors (Broker) in Consideration of providing the services and facilities described herein, the Broker is hereby granted Exclusive Agency to sell the Property known as: (Seller retains the right to sell property without agents/commissions-Exclusive Agency)

C. (Enter Full Property Address).

D. The Property is offered for sale at the price of (Enter Price) $, or such price as later agreed upon.

E. Seller offers no compensation to any Agent. The Broker, Home Discovery Realtors, does not charge a commission.

F. The Seller is  or is not a real estate licensee (active/inactive).

G. The Realtor.com Only Agreement will expire 180 days (6 Months) from the date of this agreement.

The Seller(s) acknowledge that they have read and agree to the terms, conditions and regulations of the Listing Agreement . Seen and agreed, a signed copy of this Listing Agreement is hereby acknowledged.



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