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Regulations Effective For Your Listing  

The Regulations are incorporated into the listing agreement and are agreed upon by the signing of the listing  agreement.  

Important information regarding your listing.  

$399 Diamond MLS Listing Package Includes:  

A. Entry into the Multiple Listing Service chosen on the listing agreement,  

B. Photos-Up to 40 for MLS (photos provided by seller and owned by the seller)  

C. Entry into Realtor.com  

D. Free Custom Webpage on the HomeDiscovery.Org site,  

E. Free open house announcements on the MLS, Realtor.com, and Webpage URL,  F. Brochures provided in PDF format for owner,  

G. Forms library with forms needed in writing a contract  

H. Required Legal Disclosure Forms  

I. For Sale Sign  

J. On-Call Broker Consultations  

K. Free Extensions or Changes  

L Broker negotiates with agents for you  

M. E-signatures are used to sign forms and contracts  

N. Broker will draft contracts for Sellers and Buyers without agents 



Here are important requirements regarding your listing:  

You acknowledge that Broker is governed by various federal, state and MLS regulations, therefore:  You agree to provide Broker the following in a timely fashion:  

Upon Signing a Contract: 

1. Provide Home Discovery within 24 hours of your real estate going under contract, a copy of the sales contract  Upon Settlement:  

1. Provide Home Discovery within 24 hours of your settlement, a copy of your Settlement Disclosure Statement.  Here is specific information regarding your listing:  

General: The Broker is authorized to enter the property in the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”), Realtor.com, and  the internet and to disseminate information and data about the listing and sale of the property.  

Photos: Broker is further authorized to have picture (s) of the property reproduced, published and disseminated in  any format including, but not limited to, a picture book, newspaper, periodical, photo listing or pictorial display and  any other similar or related use to aid in the sale of the property. At least one curb view photo is required from seller  for entry in the MLS.  

Information: Unless otherwise provided by law or the Seller consents in writing herein or elsewhere to the release  of the information, the Broker and the Sales Associate shall maintain the confidentiality of all personal and financial  information and other matters identified as confidential by the Seller.  

Representation: The Seller acknowledges that the Broker may act on behalf of the Seller as the Seller’s  representatives in a limited service representative capacity.  

Buyer representation occurs when buyers elect to use the services of their own broker (known as a buyer  representative) to act on their behalf.  

Limited Service Representative: Owner and Broker agree that Broker will be acting as an independent contractor and will be representing Owner in the capacity of a limited service representative as defined in Section 54.1-2130 of the Code of Virginia, and will not be acting as a standard agent as defined in Section 54.1-2130. As a limited service representative, Broker's obligations will be set forth in this Agreement. The Broker will only be conducting marketing activities on behalf of the seller listed in the brokerage agreement. The Broker will be assisting in the drafting and negotiating of offers, counteroffers, amendments, establishing strategies for accomplishing the seller's objectives including consultations via telephone/fax/email, receiving and presenting written offers or counteroffers or providing assistance (other than consultations via telephone/fax/email) to the seller in contract obligations and to facilitate settlement of the purchase contract. By entering into this Agreement, Owner acknowledges its informed consent to the limited service representation by Broker and further acknowledges that neither the other party to any transaction nor any real estate licensee representing the other party (Buyer Agent) is under any legal obligation to assist Owner with the performance of any duties and responsibilities of Owner not performed by Broker. Seller(s) shall be responsible for the listing price and showing arrangements for the listed property.  

Regulations: Seller acknowledges that Broker is bound by and subject to the regulations, bylaws, policies and  procedures of various Associations of Realtors and the Regulations of the Multiple Listing Services in which the  property is entered and agreement is subject to rules instituted by MLS Boards of entry.  

Permission: In consideration of the use of this service and facilities of the Broker and of Sellers agreement to enter  the property into a multiple listing service, the Broker, hereinafter sometimes referred to as Realtor or Agent, is  hereby granted exclusive agency to sell Sellers property with equipment as listed or found in the Sales Contract  between the Buyer and Seller. The price includes all encumbrances, balances owing on equipment, brokerage fee,  taxes and assessments.  

Conveyance/Liens: Seller acknowledges that Seller must discharge all liens including, but not limited to, existing  deeds of trust, mechanic’s liens, and tax judgment liens, at settlement. In the event the proceeds of sale are 

insufficient to cover Seller’s obligations, Seller will provide sufficient cash to discharge all liens and to pay a selling  Broker’s commission.  

Short Sales/Foreclosures: Seller shall disclose to the Listing Broker if property is a short sale/foreclosure. All  contracts with a short sale or foreclosure will require the following statement that the “contract is subject to third  party approval (Bank Name)”.  

Sales Contract: In the event of sale, Seller will execute a sales contract enforceable in the state in which the  property is located and which may be in the form recommended by a member of a state or local Association of  Realtors.  

Offer of Compensation: Seller authorizes Listing Broker to offer Buyer Agency cooperation/compensation in the  sale of the property. The compensation is not negotiable with a Buyer Agent. The listing agreement is a contract  separate from a purchase agreement.  

Compensation Payment: Owner specifically indemnifies and holds Broker harmless from any claims of payment  or compensation of any kind due a Buyer Broker and stipulates that Owner will promptly pay any monies due the  Buyer Broker upon settlement.  

Payment Terms: The Listing Fee is paid to Home Discovery REALTORS and is a fee (not a commission) to enter  the Property information into the Multiple Listing Service when ordered. Seller authorizes and directs the settlement  agent to disburse the Brokerage Fee per the listing agreement payable to the Buyer Broker from the Seller’s  proceeds at settlement.  

Owner Sale: Seller may also advertise and sell property to an unrepresented buyer providing there is no other agent  that has procured the sale.  

Fees: Flat Fee Listing Fees due Broker are earned when listing is entered in the Multiple Listing Service  

Term: This listing contract shall expire at 5 PM on the date chosen. Listings shall be extended by signed consent of  all parties at least 24 hours prior to expiration.  

Listing Information: The listing contract and all listing information which are set forth herein may be used as a  basis for presenting the property to prospective Buyers, and Seller warrants that the listing information is correct.  

Broker’s Duties: Broker’s sole duty is to effect a sale of the property. The Broker shall make a blanket unilateral  offer of cooperation and compensation to Buyer Brokers/Agents in any Multiple Listing Service that the Broker  deems appropriate.  

MLS Entry: The Broker shall enter the listing information into the REALTORS database or MLS within 24 hours  after all paperwork has been received. Listings orders received after 1 PM will be entered in the MLS the next  business day. Business Listing entry days are Monday-Friday.  

Listing Price: Seller acknowledges sole responsibility for determining the Listing Price and Selling price of the  property.  

Availability: Broker is authorized to advertise the property at the listed price. The entire property will be available  to Realtors for showing at reasonable hours.  

Liability: In consideration of the use of Broker’s services and facilities and of the facilities of any REALTOR  Multiple Listing Service, the Seller and Seller’s heirs and assigns hereby release the Broker, sales associates  accompanying buyers or prospective buyers, any REALTORS Multiple listing Service and the directors, officers  and employees thereof, including officials of any parent Association of REALTORS, except for malfeasance on the 

part of such parties, from any liability to the Seller for vandalism, theft or damage of any nature whatsoever to the  Property or its contents during the term of this Agreement. The Seller waives any and all rights, claims and causes of  action against them and holds them harmless for any property damage or personal injury arising from the use or  access to the Property by any person during the term of this Agreement except for malfeasance in the part of such  parties.  

Supra/Sentrilock Electronic Lockboxes: It is understood that Supra/Sentrilock Lockboxes are leased to the Sellers  during the term of the listing. Once listing is sold, expired, or terminated the Seller is required to return the lockbox  to our office within 10 days. Unreturned Supra/Sentrilock lockboxes will be billed to the Seller(s) at $150.00  

Advertising/Signs: Seller shall not place any sign other than the Listing Broker’s sign or Seller’s FSBO sign on the  property during the listing period (See Following Note). Seller agrees not to use Brokers name or logo in any  advertisements placed by Seller. Note: REIN MLS users please call our office for conforming sign information.  

Condominium/Cooperative/Homeowners Association: Seller represents and stipulates that Seller will comply  with any state laws regarding Condominium, Cooperative or Homeowners Associations, and that if applicable,  accepts the responsibility for securing and furnishing any required documents to prospective buyer (s) or buyer (s)  representatives as prescribed by law. Seller agrees to execute any and all appropriate forms required by the  Homeowners/Condominium Association in order to expedite transfer.  

Property Condition Disclosure: Seller is advised that under state laws, Buyer is entitled to receive from Seller a  written residential property condition disclosure statement on a form provided by the state Real Estate Commission.  Seller must deliver the completed disclosure statement to the Buyer on or before the Buyers entering into a contract  of sale (offer to purchase). The disclosure form is provided by Home Discovery.  

Sewer and Water: If the property is on septic and/or individual sewage, at time of settlement, Seller must provide  certification that the system is in working order for normal use. If a well, Seller must provide certification from a  State-Licensed laboratory that the well water is potable.  

Hazardous Materials: There are many hazardous materials including radon that could affect the sale of the  property. Seller or a prospective Buyer may desire to employ an expert to inspect the property for the presence of  radon or other hazardous materials and separate reports and addendums may be incorporated by the parties.  

Settlement Fees and Costs: Seller is aware that under federal law (RESPA), Buyer is entitled to select the title  insurance company, settlement or escrow company or title attorney. It is understood that Seller may be charged by  settlement agent a reasonable closing fee relevant to the preparation of settlement papers and release of liens.  

Lead Paint: Under federal regulations, for all properties constructed prior to 1978, Seller must disclose to Buyer  known lead paint hazards; give Buyer Copies of reports available to Seller from tests for lead paint; give Buyer an  EPA pamphlet about protecting families from lead in homes; and give Buyer a contingency period to inspect for  lead up to ten(10) days.  

Fair Housing Laws: This property shall be shown and made available without regard to race, color, religion, sex,  handicap, familial status or national origin as well as all classes protected by the laws of the United States, and as  applicable, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and applicable local jurisdictions.  

Showing: The Listed property shall be available for showing no later than twenty-four hours from the date hereof. If  not, said property shall not be entered into the Multiple Listing Service until such time as it is available to be shown.  Failure to respond to a showing request within 48 hours shall be grounds for the withdrawal of the listing. Failure to  

respond to email requests by Home Discovery within 48 hours shall be grounds for the withdrawal of the listing.  The Seller is responsible for arranging appointments and showings with agents. 

Property: Seller retains full responsibility for the Property, including all utilities, maintenance, physical security and  liability during the term of the Agreement unless otherwise agreed to in writing.  

Withdrawn/Early Release: Seller may withdraw this listing from active marketing on the MLS system at any time  with a written notice to Broker signed by all legal owners. There are no refunds after the listing has been entered  into the MLS.  

Broker Withdrawal: Broker reserves the unilateral right to withdraw this listing from any MLS system at anytime  without notice if any outstanding balances are unpaid by the Seller after 7 days from bill date, or if Seller refuses to  comply with providing Broker any required paperwork or other documentation in a timely fashion as required by  regulation or law including providing a copy of the Sales Contract, and the HUD-1 Settlement Statement/Settlement  Disclosure Statement.  

Listing Changes: Seller may make changes to MLS listing, all changes must be submitted via email.  

Authorized Signatures: This Agreement requires Seller’s signature (s) as well as Broker’s signature in order for  such Agreement to become effective. Seller stipulates that all persons and/or entities who have ownership interest  and authorized to sell the Property have signed this agreement. If any individual signing this Agreement is acting in  a representative capacity, such individual certifies having legal authorization to enter into this Agreement.  

Indemnification: Seller shall indemnify, defend and hold Broker harmless from and against any and all claims,  demands, suits, damages, liability, losses or expenses( including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of any  misrepresentation, nondisclosure or concealment by Seller in connection with the sale of the Property, including,  without limitation, the inaccuracy or incompleteness of any information provided by Seller for listing in the MLS.  

Signed Agreement: Broker will sign and return a copy of the Listing Agreement to Seller.  

Compliance: Seller understands Broker is subject to fines and sanctions for noncompliance of MLS rules. Should  Seller fail to provide the above information or default under any terms and conditions of this Agreement, Seller must  pay expenses and fines imposed on Broker by the MLS or any other agencies for noncompliance, including  reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in connection with such default or the enforcement of this Agreement.  

Overview: You are advised and acknowledge that Broker is not providing advice or information on matters  regarding legal, financing, engineering, tax, structural/mechanical condition, hazardous materials or surveys. You  are advised to seek independent and expert help regarding these matters from professionals in these areas. Brokers  sole responsibility is to list your home in the Multiple Listing Service and service your listing as required by  regulation or law or this agreement.  

MLS Restrictions: Remarks violating Fair Housing laws are not allowed by the MLS.  

MLS Services/Broker Held Harmless: Photography, Internet advertising and some other forms of advertising are  provided by the MLS not the Broker, and Broker is not responsible for any inaccuracies or clerical errors in MLS  listings; any delays, errors or interruption of services provided by MLS service, internet providers, sign/lockbox  materials delivery services (i.e. UPS., common carriers, local delivery services) or other 3rd party vendors, and  Seller specifically indemnifies and holds Broker harmless from any and all claims, loss or liability arising from any  matters involving listing services, photography, internet advertising, delivery of materials, or any other forms of  advertising including errors or omissions in any listing placed in the Multiple Listing Service, Internet or other  electronic or printed media.  

Limitation of Liability: In no event shall Home Discovery REALTORS or it’s Broker or employees be liable for  any direct, special, indirect or consequential damages, or any other damages of any kind, including but not limited to  loss of use, loss of profits, or any other kind of loss, whether in an action in contract, tort (including but not limited  to negligence), or otherwise, arising out of or in any way connected with the products, services or any other terms of 

this Agreement. In any case, Home Discovery REALTORS or it’s Broker or employees entire liability under any  provision of this Agreement shall be limited to the amount actually paid by you for products or services.  



Applicable Law and Venue: These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the  laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, applicable to agreements made entirely to be performed within the  Commonwealth of Virginia, without resort to its conflict of law provisions.  

REIN Addendum attached (applicable to REIN Listings).  

CVR MLS Addendum attached (applicable to CVR MLS Listings).  


Updated 03/16/2012  

In Addition For REIN MLS Listings: The attached Required Form from the REIN MLS is made inclusive to this  agreement. Required by the REIN MLS.  



It is understood and agreed between the partied to the Agreement that the following terms and conditions shall be  incorporated into the Agreement and shall become a part thereof and incorporated therein:  

A. Listing Data & Photos: Seller, Listing Agent and Listing Firm hereby transfer and assign to REIN all rights of  ownership and copyright to all information, including photographs and sketches, submitted to REIN regarding the  Property. Seller, Listing Agent and Listing Firm represent and warrant that they are the owners of such information  and agree to indemnify and hold REIN harmless for any claim brought against REIN arising out of REIN’s use of  such information. Seller, Listing Agent and Listing Firm waive any claims that REIN’s use of information is  unlawful because REIN did not properly obtain rights to use such information. Seller authorizes Listing Agent and  Listing Firm to submit information concerning the Property to REIN or any other entity. Seller, Listing Agent and  Listing Firm hereby acknowledge, agree and authorize that information regarding the Property, including offers of  cooperation and compensation to Selling Firm shall be made available to all REIN Members, for their authorized  use, including distribution in any form to REIN Members’ customers and clients. The REIN Property Data Input  Form and Feature Sheet are attached to and shall become part of this Agreement.  

B. Advertising: Seller authorizes Listing Firm to advertise the sale of the Property with any and all advertising and  marketing media, including the Internet, solely at the discretion of Listing Firm. Unless otherwise agreed to in  writing. Listing Firm shall have no duty to continue to market the Property subsequent to Seller entering into a  purchase agreement. Seller acknowledges that while Seller has an exclusive listing with a REIN member firm,  Seller’s failure to comply with above will result in the listing being removed from the REIN system. Unless  otherwise noted below, Seller, Listing Agent and Listing Firm acknowledge that information regarding the Property,  including the address for mapping purposes, may be made available to the general public via the Internet, through  REIN Members’ websites or other means.  

C. Cooperation: Seller agrees that all REIN members and licensed real estate brokers or their agents may show the  Property and that Seller shall offer cooperation whether the buyers is assisted by a buyer broker agent or other  licensee acting on behalf of the buyer (collectively the “selling Firm”). Seller agrees to make the Property available 

for showing at all reasonable hours and to refer to Listing Firm all inquiries relative to the purchase of the Property.  The parties shall comply with all local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations in connection with the listing  and sale of the Property, including but not limited to, the U.S. Fair Housing Act. Seller expressly agrees that as  consideration for the agreement REIN to enter the information concerning the Property in its database, REIN and its  members shall be entitled to rely on statements and authorizations made by Seller in this NRLA and shall be third  party beneficiaries of this NRLA.  


1. Warranty & Indemnification: Seller represents and warrants the accuracy of all representations made by Seller to  Listing Firm in regard to the Property (including, without limitation, all previous representations and any  representation made subsequent to the date hereof and all representations made in the listing Data Input Form made  in conjunction with this NRLA and the Agreement), and Seller agrees to indemnify and hold Listing Firm harmless  against any and all damage, liability or expense of any kind whatsoever arising from the inaccuracy of or Listing  Firm’s reliance upon such representations.  

2. Brokerage Fee: The commission rate and/or fees for the sale, lease or management of real estate is negotiable  between each REIN broker and its client, REIN is not involved, in any way, in in the negotiation of such brokerage  fees. Seller shall pay the brokerage fee as stated in the Agreement. Seller further acknowledges that the Brokerage  Fee shall also be paid by Seller to Listing Firm in the event Seller sells, exchanges or otherwise transfers the  Property within ninety (90) days after expiration or termination of the Listing Period to a person (s) to whom the  Property has been shown or negotiated with as a prospective buyer by Listing Firm or other REIN participant. In the  event an exclusive listing agreement is entered into by Seller with another licensed real estate firm upon expiration  or termination of this NRLA and the Agreement, then the previous sentence shall be null and void.  

3. General Warranty Deed/Seller Representations:  

Except as provided below,  

( I) Seller covenants to convey the Property to the prospective buyer (s) by General Warranty Deed free of all  encumbrances, tenancies, and liens for taxes or other matters of any type (except for taxes which are not yet due and  payable which will be prorated as of closing), subject however, to any restrictive covenants and easements of record  as of the date of this NRLA and the Agreement.  

(ii) Seller represents that Seller has the right to transfer the Property without obtaining the consent or approval of  any other party, including a bankruptcy court or court having jurisdiction with respect to the distribution of marital  property, and  

(iii) Seller represents that Seller has or will have sufficient cash or other liquid funds to make any payments required  in order to pay all brokerage fees due and transfer the Property without any liens attaching to the Property.  

If at anytime during the term of this NRLA and the Agreement, the transfer of the Property requires obtaining  consent or approval of any other party, including without limitations, judgment creditors, lien holders, other lenders  or any court, including a bankruptcy court or court having jurisdiction with respect to the distribution of marital  property, Seller authorizes Listing Agent (a) to disclose such requirement tin the REIN system and (b) to contact  Seller’s lender or VA (if applicable) to facilitate sale pursuant to the purchase agreement. Further, if Seller becomes  aware of circumstances which make the representations in either (ii) or (iii) above untrue subsequent to signing this  NRLA and the Agreement, Seller shall promptly notify Listing Agent of such change in circumstances and Seller  authorizes Listing Agent to make the disclosures and contacts as described in the previous sentence shall not excuse  Seller’s breach of the representations set forth in this Agreement or paragraph 6. C of the REIN Purchase Agreement  or constitute a defense that Seller has not breached the representations set forth in this NRLA and the Agreement or  paragraph 6. C. of the REIN Purchase Agreement. 

E. Signage: Only “For Sale” signs of Listing Firm may be placed on a property listed in REIN. Seller authorizes  Listing Firm to place “for Sale” signs on the Property and remove all other signs. Seller acknowledges that while  they have an exclusive listing with a REIN member firm, Seller is restricted from placing their own “for Sale” signs  on the Property during the term of the listing. Seller’s failure to comply with the above will result in the listing being  removed from the REIN system.  

F. OFFER TO PURCHASE: If an acceptable offer to purchase is made in accordance with the provisions of this  NRLA and the Agreement, Seller shall execute the REIN Standard Purchase Agreement, or any other purchase  agreement if mutually agreeable to all parties, and be bound by the terms and conditions thereof. Seller does not  authorize Listing Firm to divulge to other agents, if asked, the existence of other offers. In the event Seller is  presented with multiple offers in accordance with the provisions of this NRLA and the Agreement, Seller shall the  option to accept any one (1) of these offers without liability for failing to accept any of the other offers. Seller  understands that the terms of the Standard Purchase Agreement obligates Seller to pay a negotiated amount for  repairs required by an appraisal, the wood destroying insect infestation and moisture inspection report, a well/septic  system report and walk through inspection. Seller shall pay (I) all expenses of deed preparation, the grantor’s tax on  the deed and all expenses, if any, for removal of title defects and (ii) any Seller contributions as agreed to in a  purchase agreement including those fees charged by lender for the specified financing which, by law, a buyer is not  permitted to pay.  

G. DEFAULT: Should Seller refuse to execute such purchase agreement, default in the performance of such  purchase agreement, default under the terms and conditions of this NRLA and the Agreement or intentionally  interfere with Listing Firm and/or Selling firm selling the Property, Seller shall be liable to Listing Firm and Selling  Firm for the brokerage fee or commission, as defined or described in the Agreement, as if the sale of the Property  had been consummated, and for any expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred by Listing Firm and/or  Selling Firm in connection with this NRLA and the Agreement, the sale of the Property, or with the enforcement  hereof.  






H. LOCKBOX: Seller does authorize Listing Firm to use the REIN SUPRA Keybox or other REIN authorized  Keybox (“Keybox”) for the marketing of the Property. Seller acknowledges that the Keybox is not designed or  intended as a security service. Seller agrees the SUPRA, REIN, Listing Firm, any member firm of REIN or other  authorized agents shall not be liable for the unauthorized use of the Keybox and/or unauthorized entry to the  Property. Seller agrees that Seller will not hold REIN or any of the member firms responsible or liable for damage or  theft to the Property or Seller’s personal property located on the Property during the term of this NRLA and the  Agreement. This paragraph only applies if a Supra Keybox is ordered.  

I. CONFLICTS: In the event of any conflict between any terms or provisions in this NRLA and the Agreement, the  terms and provisions of this NRLA shall control.  

J. NO SELLER-BENEFICIARY: REIN’s Rules and Regulations are intended solely for the benefit of REIN and its  broker-members and not for the benefit of Sellers. Sellers shall not have the right to enforce any of REIN’s Rules  and Regulations against REIN. 












1. Owners Authorization to Submit Property Information to CVR MLS.  

The owner is aware that the Broker, as a member of the CVRMLS, may file the Property and all pertinent  information regarding it with CVR MLS for the term of this Agreement. The Owner understands that the primary  objective of the CVR MLS is to distribute current information about property listings to all of its members. It is  understood and agreed that the Broker will submit pertinent information concerning the Property to CVR MLS.  Such information, together with any other information provided to or obtained by the Broker with respect to the  Property, may be disclosed to prospective purchasers and other brokers and may be included in all listings and other  materials distributed by CVR MLS either before or after the term of this listing or the sale of the Property. It is  further understood that the Broker will furnish to CVR MLS notice of all changes of information concerning the  Property as agreed by the Owner, and that upon completion of a fully executed sales agreement on the Property, the  Broker will notify CVR MLS of said sale.  

2. Compensation of Cooperating Brokers.  

Broker is authorized to make an offer of cooperation and compensation to other Brokers, including all participants  of CVR MLS. Broker is authorized to show the Property and to make access available to cooperating brokers  whether they are acting as buyer representatives or in other capacities. Owner authorizes the Broker to cooperate  with and compensate Cooperating Brokers as entered in the main listing agreement body.  

3. Use of Listing Content; Intellectual Property Assignment.  

Owner acknowledges and agrees that all photographs, images, graphics, video recordings, virtual tours, drawings,  written descriptions, remarks, narratives, pricing information, and other copyrightable elements relating to the  Property provided by Owner to Broker or Broker’s Agent, or otherwise obtained or produced by Broker or Broker’s  agent in connection with this Agreement, and any changes to such information (the “Listing Content”), may be filed  with one or more Multiple Listing Services, included in compilations of Listings, and otherwise distributed, publicly  displayed and reproduced. Owner hereby irrevocably assigns and transfers to Broker any and all copyright rights and  other intellectual property rights, and all actions and causes of action related to the foregoing, and all Listing 

Content. Owner represents and warrants to Broker that the Listing Content and this assignment of rights to Broker  does not violate or infringe upon the rights, including any copyright rights, of any person or entity. Owner shall  indemnify Broker against all damages, costs, and liabilities.  

4. Lockbox Authorization  

The Owner does not request the installation and use of a SUPRA lockbox on said property unless ordered during the  payment process. The Owner is aware and understands that a lockbox is a means by which persons who have  authorized access to said lockbox keys may gain entrance. The Owner hereby jointly and severally releases and  forever discharges the Broker and all other persons who authorized access to said lockbox keys from all liability,  obligations, causes of action, claims and demands whatsoever which the Owner may have by virtue of the  installation and use of such lockbox. Owner agrees to notify tenant, if any, in writing of the intended use of the  lockbox.  

5. Owners Authorization Regarding the Internet and Other Media.  

CVR MLS brokers may publish Listings of competing brokers on their web sites. Owner authorizes Broker’s  website may also allow third-parties to (I )write comments or reviews about the Property or display a hyperlink to  comments or reviews in immediate conjunction with particular Listings, or (ii) display an automated estimate of the  market value of the Property (or hyperlink to such estimate) or other Listings in immediate conjunction with the  Property. If Owner does not want the Property Listing or address displayed on the Internet, Owner must submit an  email to Broker opting out of internet.  


Updated 04/06/2022 







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